1650 Parking &Transportation Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What permit options do staff have to park at or near 1650? Shuttle and Parking Maps for 1650 University Blvd

  • U Lot (1650 University Blvd.) $400/year for UNM employees making under $50k/year, $475 for those making over $50k/year
  • G Lot $175/year (off University across from Carrie Tingley Hospital)
  • Q Lot $175 (off University Blvd. north of the UNM Child Care Center and across from UNM Cancer Center). It is approximately a 10-15 minute walk from Q Lot to 1650 University Blvd
    • Parking permit rates are set by the Board of Regents. PATS is required to use two different rate schedules based on the staff member’s annualized salary, regardless of term or FTE status.
  • See map for parking lot and shuttle details.
  • Staff can sign up for payroll deduction (pre-tax) to pay for their permit. If you choose this option, your permit will automatically renew every year.

Who can purchase a U Lot permit?

  • Only staff working at 1650 are eligible for U Lot parking permits.

Where can I purchase a U Lot permit?

  • U Lot permits must be purchased in person at the PATS main office located at 2401 Redondo Dr NE.  

What are the options for Student Employees working at 1650?

  • Because U Lot is a  faculty/staff only lot, students, even if they are working as student employees at 1650, are  not be eligible to purchase a U Lot Permit. This policy is consistent with other faculty/staff lots on campus (e.g. A, B, and C Lots). Student employees can apply for a Q or G Lot permit at the student rate ($175/year). Student spaces in Q and G Lots are subject to eligibility and availability. 
  • If students do not meet the eligibility requirements for a Q or G Permit, they can submit a waiver to the PATS office. Waiver requests for student worker exceptions must demonstrate a business need and also include an email from the requesting manager sent to waivers@unm.edu

What is the U Lot Shuttle schedule?

  • U Lot shuttle operates between G lot and 1650 and runs once every hour. 
  • Picks up at G Lot at  23 past the hour and departs U Lot at 30 past the hour  Monday- Friday
  • Last shuttle departs 1650 at 5:30 p.m. 


    • 7:23 a.m. Depart G- Lot stop to 1650
    • 7:30 a.m. Depart 1650 stop
    • 7:39 a.m. Arrive G-Hub stop

You may also use the Where's My Bus function to track all PATS and ABQ Ride shuttles real-time. Where's My Bus is available through LoboMobile App or at wmb.unm.edu. 

Are bicycle racks provided?

  • Yes. There is a bike rack in front of 1650. A Bike locker is also available. Please call PATS main office to check locker availability and purchase rate.

Is visitor parking available for 1650?

  • Visitors are allowed to park at 1642 University (old Elk Lodge building). Visitors  parking passes may be issued and must be properly displayed to park at 1642.
  • UNM Staff/Faculty are not allowed to park in 1642. Abuse of guest permits (distributing to UNM staff working at 1650) is a violation of UNM’s code of conduct and subject to disciplinary action.

Are there enough parking spaces at 1650 to accommodate everyone working at 1650?

  • In dealing with similar situations in the past, PATS has found that not everyone chooses to purchase a permit near their work location. Some choose to purchase commuter lot permits to save money, while others switch to alternative means of transportation (ABQ Ride, bike). We are often able to accommodate most everyone.

How may staff move between other lots and 1650?

  • Departments can apply for a Rover Permit ($100/year) for employees needing to park around campus for official business purposes on occasion. A time limit of 4 hours in one area per day is enforced with Rover permits.
  • We also encourage staff to take advantage of the 3:45 rule. After 3:45 pm, you may park in most regularly permitted spaces on campus with the exception of Yale Structure, Cornell Structure, R, S, GR, handicap, pay stations, or Reserved parking spaces.
  • Hospital permits will be honored in 1642. Physicians w/a current “S”  permit working at 1650 can apply for a special sticker, allowing them to park in U Lot.

Is there parking for Low Emission and Fuel Efficient Vehicles?

  • Yes, there are a limited amount of designated parking spaces for Low Emissions and Fuel Efficient Vehicle (LEFE) vehicles. If you drive a LEFE vehicle, you may apply with PATS for a free LEFE sticker to be used in conjunction with a U Lot permit. The spaces are first-come first-serve and are strictly reserved for those displaying their LEFE sticker and valid parking permit.