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Citation Appeals

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If a customer believes that they received a citation issued in error, they may request an appeal review through Parking and Transportation Services.



Before you appeal:

  • Make sure the citation is appealed within five business days. Citation Appeals will not be accepted after five business days
  • Make sure the citation was issued to your vehicle with your vehicle's license plate number or a vehicle displaying your permit.
  • Make sure your permit / receipt was fully and clearly displayed and not obstructed by a sunshade or windshield edge tinting.

If you are billed for citations on a vehicle that does not belong to you, please email the citation number to appeals@unm.edu and we will attempt to verify ownership against the New Mexico MVD database and assign responsibility accordingly.

If you are unsatisfied with the response and have additional information or information that you believe important and not considered, you may submit an administrative review by re-appealing online.  Administrative appeal reviews with justifications based on leniency will not be accepted.  All administrative reviews are final.

All appeals must be submitted online at your My Parking Account website.