Connecting UNM

Parking & Transportation Services (PATS) is a self-funded auxiliary department of The University of New Mexico that functions under Institutional Support Services. With over 44,000 students, staff, and faculty coming to the UNM Albuquerque campus on a regular basis, and over 77,000 people traveling to the University-area on a regular basis, our system is designed to provide reliable and orderly access to the campus. Our responsibility, encompassed in our mission, is to support the University's education, research and service missions by providing access to key programs for faculty, staff, students and visitors through a variety of transportation services that consider the needs of each customer. This responsibility includes managing approximately 14,000 parking spaces, facilitating the movement of 1.7 million passengers annually from nearby parking lots onto campus and around campus, and providing a full range of transportation choices through the provision of the alternative transportation programs. All of the revenue we generate is reinvested in providing our services.

A dedicated team of about 80 student and staff employees carry out our day-to-day operations. Our parking operations include the distribution and regulation of daily, permitted, and event parking, as well as the maintenance of parking lots and garages. We welcome you to explore this site further to learn more about who we are and what we do.