PATS Mission, Vision, and Values


We support the University's education, research and service missions by providing access to key programs for faculty, staff, students and visitors through a variety of transportation services that consider the needs of each customer.


To be a point of pride for our staff, University and State by:

  • Delivering exceptional value to our customers and employees
  • Being an integrated part of the learning community
  • Offering services and systems that are easy to understand, use and manage
  • Utilizing industry best practices and cutting edge technology
  • Demonstrating effective stewardship for our natural environment


SERVICE to our customers, colleagues and community
INTEGRITY: honesty, fairness, trustworthiness in all we do
CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT in our processes, products, services and ourselves
PROFESSIONALISM: competency, judgment, reliability, accountability, self-motivation
OPEN-MINDEDNESS when facing new or different people and ideas

Who We Are

We are completely financially independent from the University and State Legislature, we are 100% funded by the services we provide. We are non-profit making: all our revenue goes directly back into our services. We staff 84 employees including bus drivers, enforcement officers, and office personnel.