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Trivia Tuesday

#TriviaTuesday Archives

9.25.13: At what time can UNM permit holders occupy ordinary, non-restricted main campus parking spaces? 3:45pm (Winner: @RuthAnnTibbetts; $10 La Montanita Coop)

10.1.13: You can track your ride on Where's My Bus through UNM LoboMobile. What site do you go to for the app? (Winner: @arjanda; sunglasses, water bottle, & tire gauge)

10.8.13: What are the five PATS values? Service, Integrity, Continual Improvement, Professionalism, & Open-Mindedness (Winner: @ProfBenavidez; $10 La Montanita Coop)

10.15.13: How much is hourly parking at the Cornell Structure, Yale Structure, and pay stations around campus? $1.75/hour (No winner)

10.22.13: Where are we moving our main office to and when are we opening at that location? Welcome Center & 10.28.13 (No winner)

10.29.13: We offer bike locker rentals on campus. How much do they cost per year? $48.00 (No winner)

11.4.13: What app allows you to pay for hourly structure parking from your phone? ParkMobile (No winner)

11.12.13: The grand opening of our office takes place this week. What date and time are we celebrating? November 15, 8:30am-11:30am (No winner)

11.19.13: What are our hours of enforcement on Saturdays? 8:00am-5:00pm (Winner: @tmasterson11; PATS mug)

11.26.13: How much does a motorcycle permit cost (with and without a car permit)? $70 without car permit, Free with car permit (No winner)

12.10.13: Finals may be done this week--when does the University close for break? (Also, we don't enforce during closures) December 21-January 2 (Winner: @vanegar40; PATS mug)