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Domenici III Construction Impact on M Lot Parking

May 20, 2016

ESTIMATED TIME FRAME: (Dates are based on information provided to PATS. Time-frame is outside of PATS’ control) 

  • Monday, May 16, 2016 – Eastbound Law shuttle stop relocated on to Tucker Ave
  • Monday, May 23, 2016 – Estimated date for construction fence to go up
  • June 2, 2016 – Ground-breaking ceremony
  • June 30, 2017 – Estimated completion date of construction


  • Estimated temporary loss of 128 parking spaces in M lot, during construction
  • Estimated permanent loss of up to 80 parking spaces in M lot, once complete
  • To compensate for the loss in parking, UNM PATS will be allocating fewer parking spaces to UNMH PATS; they have a plan in place to adjust for the change
  • Because Reserved spaces will be pushed to the west, regular M permit holders can also expect to park further west
  • For the first couple of days after Reserved spaces have been moved, PATS will be in the lot to assist customers


  • Emails will be sent to current Reserved permit holders, indicating the location of their new parking space
  • You may email us at parktran@unm.edu or call us at 277-1938
  • As construction project unfolds we will post updated information on our website and contact affected customers as needed


M Lot Current/Pre-Construction
M Lot During Construction - Draft
M Lot Post Construction - Draft

Town Hall FAQs:

1. Q: Are there plans for a parking structure?

     A: We are already in the process of exploring the feasibility of building new parking structures. However, there is a lot to consider e.g. when planning construction of a new structure. Cost of construction and the funding source, optimal location of the structure, whether or not use of the structure (through permitting and/or pay stations) would pay the debt service on the structure, and what might be the impact to students, faculty, staff, and the community.

 2. Q:  What are you doing with the LEFE parking spaces?

      A: The 6 LEFE spaces currently located in M lot will be temporarily relocated along with the Reserved parking spaces. To maintain current LEED certification on the Domenici II building, the LEFE parking spaces must be in close proximity to the building; their relocation will be within the required distance during the construction. Because Domenici III upon completion of construction will also be LEED certified an additional 2 LEFE parking spaces added for a total of 8 LEFE spaces.

 3. Q: Will there still be Service Vehicle parking?

      A: Yes. Like all other parking spaces, they will be moved west but will still be available.

 4. Q: Do you plan to increase motorcycle parking spaces?

      A: Not at this time. However, if in the future the need for motorcycle parking increases, we will revisit the number of available spaces at that time.

 5. Q: How do you expect parking near the observatory to be impacted?

      A: There will be a temporary loss of @ 128 parking spaces in the affected area. With the intent of minimizing impact on M zone parking, in the 2016-2017 academic year 100 fewer M permits will be sold to UNMH PATS (they have a plan in place to adjust for the change.) Reserved, LEFE and ADA (ak Handicapped) parking spaces will be shifted to the west of their present location, which will cause regular M permit holders to park further west as well. Please expect that you may need to park further west and possibly in different M areas than you are used to. It’s a good idea to allow for extra time, especially during peak times. As a reminder: the first two-three weeks of the fall semester is particularly busy; please plan for extra time.

 6. Q: When will construction begin and end?

      A: Estimated construction start (fencing goes up): sometime during the week of May 23, 2016.

           Estimated completion: on/around June 30, 2017.

 7. Q: Can parking at the Mental Health facility lot be designated for “M” permit holders?

      A: No. That area is mostly patient parking because of the multiple clinics in the area.

 8. Q: What impact will this have on the handicap parking spaces?

     A: Overall there will be no decrease in the number of ADA parking spaces in the area however, some ADA spaces will be relocated. The majority of the ADA spaces along the south edge of the M lot (by Family Practice and Novitski) will not move; those located to the east of Domenici II will, along with the rest of the parking spaces, shift west. UNMH PATS Shuttle service and ADA access (curb cut by the shuttle stop) will remain intact and accessible throughout the scheduled construction.

 9. Q: What parking options do we have if the M Lots are full?

      A: I Lot is the designated overflow for M Lot. The I Lot is located on the North side of Tucker, along the east side of the arroyo.

 10. Q: Will there be a designated shuttle running between the lower M Lots and Domenici?

        A:  Currently there are no plans to add a shuttle route because the existing Redondo Shuttle route already serves this area and need. The Redondo Shuttle operates along Tucker between the G Lot and the Medical shuttle stop just west of Mental Health.

 11. Q: Can a part-time employee purchase an M parking permit online?

        A: Currently, Faculty and Staff permits are only available for purchase in person at our office. For those who are on payroll deduction, your permit automatically renews each academic year (this year’s renewal date is August 1, 2016).

 12. Q: Who’s eligible to purchase parking permits online?

        A: Depending on eligibility criteria and permit availability (the proximity lots sell out fast!), the majority of student permits are available for online for purchase at the start of the fall semester (see our website for sale dates). A small number of lots are only available for in person purchase.

 13. Q: Where will the new eastbound bus stop be located?

        A: On Tucker heading east by the crosswalk (directly across from the westbound Law shuttle stop).

 14. Q: Are there plans for more bike racks?

        A: There are plans for bike racks, however we do not know the proposed location. The bike racks will be installed when it is safe to do so and as construction is wrapping up.

 15. Q: Will you be offering a rebate on parking during the construction?

        A: No. There is still parking available within M zone, which extends down to Yale/around the Observatory, and there is overflow parking available in the I Lot.

 16. Q: Will there be any changes to the crosswalk on Tucker Ave.?  (expecting the increased shuttle traffic from lower M lots)

        A: At this point in time, there is no plan for changes in the crosswalk or intersections along Tucker.

 17. Q: What do you have planned for the metered/pay station parking spaces?

        A: All pay station parking spaces will remain in their current locations.

 18. Q: What impact will this have to the Bookstore loading dock?

        A: UNM PDD and the construction company are aware of the loading and unloading needs, as well as service needs, of the existing buildings, and will ensure that access is maintained.