Staff Parking

Preferred campus parking is primarily sold to active full-time staff and are valid for one academic year. Preferred parking includes zones A, B, C, Yale structure, Lomas structure, T, GR, and F for staff employed by departments located south of Lomas Boulevard.  If preferred parking is sold out, standard South lot parking permits will be offered.  Staff employed by departments located north of Lomas Boulevard will be offered preferred M, W, and L permits. If preferred permits are sold out, standard G and Q permits will be offered.  Standard parking lots are serviced by the Parking and Transportation Services shuttle system.

Most of the parking areas are currently at capacity.  Staff wishing to park in any of the sold-out areas are required to sign up on that permit's Waitlist online at your My Parking Account website.  All permits are renewable annually.  Once a staff member acquires the right to purchase a preferred parking permit, they will always be eligible to purchase the next academic year's permit in the same zone up to mid-September.  All permits paid through payroll deduction are automatically renewed in early August.

L permits are reserved for staff working at the Law school and are sold regardless of lot capacities.  If the Law school parking area is full, we allow the display of the L permit in the G lot.

M and W permits are reserved for staff employed in areas located north of Lomas Boulevard. These permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis as noted above.

Purchasing Options

Please come into our office when purchasing a permit for the first time. Full-time, benefits eligible staff are eligible to pay for their parking permit with Payroll Deduction payments, which deducts permit fees pre-tax from your paycheck. Payroll deduction has the added benefit of automatic permit renewal -- your permit will renew every year through payroll deduction until you return your permit in person. Staff can also purchase a permit at our office with a credit card, cash, check, or Bursar account transfer.

Important reminder: If you separate from UNM, you must return your permit in person to the PATS office. Failure to do so willl leave you liable for any remaining fees. If you purchased your permit in full for the year, you may be eligible for a pro-rated refund. Please see the HR Separation Checklist for Staff Employees for more information.

Permit Rates:

UNM Parking and Transportation Services is required to offer two different rate schedules based on the staff member's annualized salary, regardless of term or FTE status. The two schedules are for staff that make below $50K per year annualized and those making $50K and above annualized..  The rate schedule is then created for the different types of parking offered. The types are Standard, Preferred, Structure, and Preferred Reserved, and Structure Reserved.

2014-2015 Staff permits go on sale in August 2014.  If you are not paying for your parking with payroll deduction payments, you will be able to come into our office to renew for your 2014-2015 Standard, Preferred, Structure, or Reserved class parking permit at that time.

Staff Permit Rates

Reserved Parking

UNM offers staff the option to purchase a particular parking space in convenient locations around campus.  In some cases, we can convert almost any existing parking space to reserved.  The cost for reserved parking is $1300 annually in preferred lots and $1600 annually in our Lomas Parking Structure or Yale Parking Garage.  For more information, please contact our office.

All customers parking on campus are expected to read, understand, and follow our published Parking and Transportation Regulations.