UNM Low Emissions and Fuel Efficient Vehicle Program

Currently Available to M and U Lot Permit Holders

Continuing with the our core beliefs of sustainability, Parking and Transportation Services encourages and rewards the use of Low Emissions and Fuel Efficient (LEFE) vehicles. Following the footsteps of Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) and based on criteria from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), M and U permit holders can use this website to see if their vehicles measure up. If your vehicle qualifies under the "SmartWay Elite" category, you can visit PATS' main office to apply for a free LEFE sticker which will give exclusive use of 7 specially-reserved parking spaces near Domenici Center. Only those vehicles designated as "SmartWay Elite", not just "SmartWay", qualify for LEFE status. Make sure your vehicle has a green ✓ under the "Elite" category when doing a vehicle search. See this screenshot for an example.

The spaces are first-come first-serve and are strictly reserved only for qualified LEFE vehicles. The spaces have the same exclusivity status as Reserved spaces and as such are not subject to the 3:45 p.m. rule. Vehicle registration is required for each vehicle and you must not have an outstanding balance on your parking account. To update your vehicle registration or check the balance of your account, login to MyParking Account.