Schools, Colleges, and Departments

Parking and Transportation Services offers a variety of permit services for schools, colleges, and departments based on eligibility. Whether your department is looking to host an event, call in guest lecturers, or provide parking for your staff that don't work near the main campus, PATS is here to provide the best possible parking options.  For more information, please see below.

Guest Permits: UNM Organizations with guest speakers or visitors contributing to the mission of the university without financial compensation are eligible to purchase guest permits in bulk.  Guest permits must not be issued to any paid staff, faculty, vendor, student, or contractor.  Guest permits are sold for daily or weekly use at reduced rates.  Resale of Guest Permits is strictly forbidden.

Daily Resale Permits:  UNM Organizations may provide one-day permits for their paid staff, faculty, student, vendor, or contractor for parking in close proximity to the organization on a day-by-day basis not to exceed three days per quarter.  Resale permits are to be purchased from PATS directly at face value and resold to end users at the amount paid for the permit.  At no time is any UNM organization allows to sell parking on campus to groups or individuals at a profit.  All charges to any individual for any purpose must be reported and transferred to PATS.

Rover Permits: Organizations with administrative or technical personnel with business around campus to provide services or attend meetings may apply for an organizational rover permit. Due to their nature, the issuance of rover permits are tightly regulated to avoid misuse.  Organizations must provide sufficient justification that there is no other solution for personnel to adequately perform their job function without a rover permit in their application.  Organizations can click on the link to complete the Rover permit Request.  For more information, click here.

Departmental Permits: UNM Organizations based in locations not regulated by UNM Parking and Transportation Services or UNM Hospital are eligible to purchase departmental permits.  Departmental permits are for the use of remote staff doing short-term official UNM business on main campus.

Reserved Spaces:  Organizations requiring a more convenient, regular parking arrangement for their guests may opt to purchase reserved parking spaces.  In some cases, reserved spaces can be placed in an area at the organization's request.  Reserved spaces are not to be used by any paid staff, faculty, vendor, student, or contractor

To view the rates for UNM Departmental permits, please click here.