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Visitor and Hourly Parking at the University of New Mexico

Welcome to the University of New Mexico! We offer an array of parking services for visitors who are on campus for limited or short periods of time. From offering an extensive selection of hourly parking to daily, weekly, and monthly permits, we have a solution that will meet your needs. With over 40,000 students, staff, and faculty coming to campus a regular basis and only about 14,000 parking spaces, parking is in high demand. Our students, staff, and faculty typically purchase permits to park in specified parking zones. Our visitors and guests are encouraged to use our simple hourly Park. Pay. Go! services. 

Park. Pay. Go! Hourly Parking for $1.75 per hour, Available 24/7

hourly parking icon

Hourly parking is available at the Cornell Garage, the Yale Garage, and at individual pay stations around campus at $1.75 per hour. All hourly parking is purchased using pay stations that accept VISA and Mastercard. Cash is only available on the third floor of the Cornell Garage. See our map illustrating where you can access hourly parking, indicated by the icon to the left. Click on the relevant tutorial below for more information.

  • Cornell Garage
  • Yale Garage

ADA Parking

UNM Parking and Transportation Services offers a wide range of parking for our mobility impaired customers.  For more information, please visit our Mobility Impaired Parking webpage.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Permits

For visitors and guests who will be on campus for longer than just a few hours, we recommend purchasing a short-term, temporary parking permit from our Customer Service office. These permits are for particular parking zones near the location of your university business and provide a reliable parking option for the duration of your business on campus.

  • Daily Permits - $8.00
  • Weekly Permits - $24.00
  • Monthly Permits - $61.00

Other Information for Visitors

  • Our parking officers and other staff in the field are available to help you. Please feel free to approach us with questions.
  • There is no free parking on campus. Users must display a proper permit or pay the appropriate hourly parking fee.
  • We do have parking enforcement on campus and our parking garages are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here for detailed parking enforcement hours.