Refund Information during COVID-19 Limited Operations

March 25, 2020

PERMIT REFUNDS During UNM Limited Operations:  


As per existing policy and practice, the last day for students to submit a request is March 31, 2020. To submit a refund request, please complete the on-line form.  You will need your UNM Net ID and password to log in to the form.  You will also need to cut your permit in half and attach a photo of your permit in order for your request to be processed.  


To submit a refund request, please complete the on-line form. Please be advised that if you return your fac/staff permit, you may not be able to get it back into the same zone/structure once the University reopens. UNM Administration is reviewing the various payroll deductions occurring during UNM’s Limited Operations to determine what, if any, temporary changes might be made  

For a pro-rated refund for your permit, please contact the PATS office by calling 505-277-1938 or email You will need your UNM Net ID and password to log in to the form that we will send to you. You will also need to cut your permit in half and attach a photo of your permit in order for your request to be processed. Follow the instructions on the image below to cut your permit. 

 Cut Permit Example



Please review the following information for how the reimbursement will be made:  

  • Bursar Payments (students only): If payment was transferred to your Bursar’s account, the prorated refund will be transferred to your Bursar account. 
  • Credit Card Payments:  If payment was made by credit card, a check request will be submitted to UNM Accounts Payable for processing.  Please allow up to ten business days to receive your prorated refund. 
  • Payroll Deductions (fac/staff only):  If payment is paid by Payroll Deduction, a stop deduction” will be processed through UNM Payroll. NOTE: Timing of the stop of a payroll deduction is entirely based on when payroll is processed by UNM.  To ensure you are not charged for an additional pay period 
    • Biweekly returns must be requested at least six (6) business days before the biweekly pay day.
    • Monthly returns must be requested at least nine (9) business days before the monthly pay day.   

During UNM’s Limited Operations, all refund requests must be submitted by 12 p.m., Monday through Friday, to ensure same day processing. 


During UNM’s Limited Operations parking is allowed in any available regular permitted parking space not otherwise restricted by signage. Parking spaces restricted by signage include Reserved, ADA, Fire Lanes, barricaded, Patient/Guest/Visitor, etc., and are still actively enforced.  

If you are a Reserved parking space “owner” and someone is using your space without permission, please send an email to Please be sure to include your Reserved space number, information about the vehicle occupying your space (make, model, color and license plate # if possible), where your vehicle is parked until your space is again available along with your vehicle information.