Biking Tips

Develop your knowledge of Bicycling Safety

Check out these videos for information on your rights as a bicyclist and how to ride safely on the road. More can be found at The American League of Bicyclists.

Traffic Laws and Cycling

In all 50 states, people on bikes are required to follow the same laws as other drivers. Learn the key principles that underpin all U.S. traffic laws.

Riding on Sidewalks

Learn why riding on the sidewalk can be dangerous, and when it is ok to ride on the sidewalk.


Scanning successfully is a key part of riding anywhere—it’s an easy and safe way to communicate your intentions to others and it also shows you what is happening behind you.


Communicating your intentions not only makes your ride safer, but it is also required by law in the United States.

Bike Lanes

A bike lane is a striped and signed lane that provides a dedicated space on the road for people on bikes. They should be used the same as any other travel lane, so follow the same rules of the road.

Intersection Positioning

Since most crashes happen at intersections, be sure to reduce your risk by being visible, positioning yourself clearly on the road, and making eye contact with other drivers.