Faculty & Staff Permits

UNM Parking & Transportation Services provides parking accommodations for UNM faculty/staff at various locations on main campus, north campus, and the UNM Science & Technology Park. We offer a wide range of options to meet individual cost and convenience needs. Permits may be purchased for one academic year and are renewable annually. Park at your own risk! Read the full parking liability waiver. 


Already know what type of permit you need? 

UNM faculty/staff must visit our office when purchasing a parking permit.

Note: Most of the parking areas are currently at capacity. UNM faculty/staff wishing to park in any of the sold-out areas can sign up on that permit's waitlist online through My Parking Account. If you and your department manager believe your work situation warrants an exception, you may submit a permit eligibility waiver request to bypass a waitlist. 

All faculty/staff parking on campus are expected to read, understand, and follow our published Parking & Transportation Regulations.

Permit Purchase Checklist

To purchase your permit, please bring the following items with you to our office:

  • Your LoboCard
  • Vehicle registration information (make, model, year, color, license plate number, VIN, and Expiration Date)
  • A form of payment - Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, cash or sign up to purchase your permit through automatic payroll deduction*.

* Automatic payroll deduction option is available to full-time, benefits-eligible UNM faculty, staff, and UNM temps.

Payroll Deduction payments, automatically deduct permit fees from your paychecks. All permits paid through payroll deduction are automatically renewed every year until you return your permit in person.

Payment Options

UNM Faculty and Staff permits may be purchased in our office with credit card, cash, or check. Full-time, benefits-eligible faculty may also pay for their parking permit with Payroll Deduction payments, which automatically deducts permit fees from your paycheck. Payroll deduction has the added benefit of automatic permit renewal—your permit will renew every year through payroll deduction until you return your permit in person. Payroll deduction permit purchases may only be made in our office.

Parking Rates for Academic Year 2023-24 as of July 1.

Reserved Parking

UNM offers faculty and staff the option to purchase a particular parking space in convenient locations around campus. In some cases, we can convert an existing parking space to reserved. The cost for reserved parking is $1326 in preferred lots and $1614 in our Lomas Parking Structure or Yale Parking Garage. For more information, please contact our office.


Flexible Parking for UNM Faculty & Staff

In addition to annual parking permit options, UNM Parking & Transportation Services is excited to introduce two new flexible parking solutions. For faculty and staff members parking on campus for no more than two days a week -- who do not have an annual permit -- this program allows for flexible Pay-By-Day parking. View options below:

PAY-BY-DAY options:

Pay-By-Day Permit  For $8.00 per day (eligibility required), park in designated spaces in Central and North Campus zones. For information about purchasing, visit our Pay-By-Day Permit page.

Employee Scratchers – UNM faculty and staff who do not have a parking permit, for $8.00 per day (limit of 10 scratchers in a 30-day period) can purchase and use a scratcher permit to park in permit parking spaces in the zone designated on your scratcher permit(s). If interested, purchase in person at the PATS’ Business Office (customer must pay outstanding citations before purchase).  


Are you working remotely or not coming to campus everyday? View options below for parking.

View eligiblity requirements below. ParkMobile Pay-By Day Permit and Employee Scratchers are only available to non-regular annual employee permit holders.
Pay-By-Day PermitEmployee Scratchers
Option Price$8 a day$8 a day, 10 days per month maximum
EligibilityNon-permit holding employees
LengthAll day

Lots GR, G, P, M*

*Parking space operates on first come, first basis

To be determined at time of sale
How to PurchaseSubmit A Pay-By-Day Permit Application Online UNM PATS' Business Office

Compare your options to find out which is best for you! 

Leave of Absence/Sabbatical

UNM Faculty and staff taking a leave of absence or sabbatical can return their permit to stop their automatic payroll deduction at any time. For employees who do not pay for their permits with automatic payroll deduction, a prorated refund will be issued per the PATS permit refund schedule.*

*Refunds do not apply to employees who pay for their permit through payroll deduction.

Acceptable leaves of absence include:

  • Sabbatical
  • Medical leave
  • Military leave

If you are taking a leave of absence from the university, please notify PATS of your pending leave in writing. For faculty taking sabbatical, you must provide a letter from your department head, on UNM Letterhead, stating the term of your leave. PATS must also be notified if the leave term is extended.

Parking permits and gate cards (if applicable) must be returned to the PATS office prior to your leave.

Upon your return to campus, you may purchase a permit in your previously assigned lot or structure at a prorated price, subject to availability. PATS cannot guarantee eligibility indefinitely and will only hold permit eligibility for up to three months after the end of the sabbatical term.

Separation from UNM

If you separate from UNM, parking permits and gate cards (if applicable) must be returned in person to the PATS office prior to you leaving. Failure to do so will leave you liable for any remaining fees. If you paid for your permit in full for the year, you may be eligible for a pro-rated refund. Please see the UNM HR’s Separation Checklist for Staff Employees for more information.


Permit Rates 

UNM Parking and Transportation Services is required to offer two different rate schedules based on the employee’s annualized salary, regardless of term or FTE status.

  • Rate #1: Employees that earn below $60K per year, annualized.
  • Rate #2: Employees that earn $60K and above, annualized.

Permit rates also vary by type of parking permit. Permit types available to UNM employees include: Commuter, Proximity, Structure, Reserved, Structure Reserved, Motorcycle, and Scooter/Moped.

Parking Rates for Academic Year 2023-24 as of July 1.

RatesCommuter [ Q-Lot South]Proximity [A-B-C-G-GR-R-F-P-T-U-M-L-W-RIO]Structure [Yale-
ReservedStructure ReservedMotorcycleScooter/Moped
Below $60K/Year


$210/Yr$462/Yr$558/Yr$1326/Yr$1614/Yr$87/Yr or Free*$45/Yr
Monthly Payroll Deduction$17.50$38.50$46.50$110.50$134.50$7.25$3.75
Bi-Weekly Payroll Deduction$8.75$19.25$23.25$55.25$67.25$3.63$1.88
$60K/Year and Above
Annually$210/Yr$534/Yr$786/Yr$1326/Yr$1614/Yr$87/Yr or Free$45/Yr or Free
Monthly Payroll Deduction$17.50$44.50$65.50$110.50$134.50$7.25$3.75
Bi-Weekly Payroll Deduction$8.75$22.25$32.75$55.25$67.25$3.63$1.88
Eligibility VerificationNoneContact PATS business officeContact PATS business officeNoneNoneExisting UNM vehicle parking Permit purchase required for Free PermitExisting UNM vehicle parking Permit purchase required for Free Permit
Purchase InfoSouth Lot Online or in-person at PATS business officeIn-person at PATS business officeIn-person at PATS business officeIn-person at PATS business officeIn-person at PATS  business officeIn-person at PATS business officeIn-person at PATS business office

*With purchase of a vehicle parking permit.