Lobo Rainforest Transportation

The Rainforest shuttle service will continue to be combined with T-Lot for the Fall 2021 semester beginning August 23, 2021, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:45 p.m Monday - Thursday, and 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday. 

  Access to UNM’s main campus from the Lobo Rainforest is always available via public transit. ABQ Ride buses 66, 766, and 777 have bus stops along Central Ave. near the Lobo Rainforest and the south side of UNM main campus. The typical commute between these two locations is approximately 15 minutes.

 Students and full-time faculty and staff are eligible for a free ABQ Ride bus pass sticker to ride city buses free of charge. See the Alternative Transport page for eligibility requirements and distribution center information.

 ABQ Ride buses and UNM Shuttles may be tracked real-time through the “Where’s My Bus?” component of the UNM LoboMobile app.

Rainforest Shuttle Service

Lobo Rainforest Parking LotThe Rainforest / T Lot shuttle connects the Lobo Rainforest and UNM main campus Monday through Thursday, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. and Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The shuttle is scheduled to depart from the Lobo Rainforest parking lot approximately every 30 minutes and arrive at its Dane Smith destination 15 minutes later (traffic dependent). See below for the current schedule of the Lobo Rainforest and T Lot Shuttle.

Lobo Rainforest Shuttle Schedule

T-Lot and the Lobo Rainforest shuttle schedules have been combined until further notice. View the hours of operation down below.

RainforestT-LotDane Smith

6:30 A.M.

6:35 A.M.

6:40 A.M.6:45 A.M.
6:50 A.M.6:55 A.M.
7:00 A.M.7:05 A.M.
7:10 A.M.7:15 A.M.
7:30 A.M.7:40 A.M.7:45 A.M.
8:00 A.M.8:10 A.M.8:15 A.M.
8:30 A.M.8:40 A.M.8:45 A.M.
9:00 A.M.9:10 A.M.9:15 A.M.
9:30 A.M.9:40 A.M.9:45 A.M.
10:00 A.M.10:10 A.M.10:15 A.M.
10:30 A.M.10:40 A.M.10:45 A.M.
11:00 A.M.11:10 A.M.11:15 A.M.
11:30 A.M.11:40 A.M.11:45 A.M.
12:00 P.M.12:10 P.M.12:15 P.M.
12:30 P.M.12:40 P.M.12:45 P.M.
1:00 P.M.1:10 P.M.1:15 P.M.
1:30 P.M.1:40 P.M.1:45 P.M.
2:00 P.M.2:10 P.M.2:15 P.M.
2:30 P.M.2:40 P.M.2:45 P.M.
3:00 P.M.3:10 P.M.3:15 P.M.
3:30 P.M.3:40 P.M.3:45 P.M.
4:00 P.M.4:10 P.M.4:15 P.M.
4:30 P.M.4:40 P.M.4:45 P.M.
5:00 P.M.5:10 P.M.5:15 P.M.
5:30 P.M.5:40 P.M.5:45 P.M.
6:00 P.M.6:10 P.M.6:15 P.M.
6:30 P.M.6:40 P.M.6:45 P.M.
7:00 P.M.

Track the Rainforest Shuttle

Don't miss your ride! You can track the Rainforest shuttle in real-time via "Where's My Bus?". Visit wmb.unm.edu or download the LoboMobile app to see all UNM and ABQ Ride shuttle routes and stops real-time.

Public Transit

UNM Students registered for at least 3 credit hours and benefits eligible faculty and staff qualify for a free ABQ Ride bus pass sticker. Several ABQ Ride buses provide regular transportation to Main Campus UNM.

Catch ABQ Ride bus 66, 766, or 777 near the Lobo Rainforest and arrive at UNM Main Campus in approximately 15 minutes.