Student Permits


Parking and Transportation Services makes every effort to offer the most convenient parking available by dividing parking by groups of students based on their academic program. Permits may be purchased online at your My Parking Account website or in our office. All outstanding citations must be paid in full in order to purchase a new parking permit. All customers parking on campus are expected to read, understand, and follow our published Parking and Transportation Regulations

Permit Purchase Checklist

To purchase your permit you will need:

  • LoboCard, if purchasing in person
  • UNM NetID and Password, if purchasing online
  • Vehicle make, model, and color
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • A form of payment – we accept Visa, Discover, American Express, Mastercard, UNM Bursar's transfer, or cash*.

*Cash payments are only accepted when purchasing a permit at our office.

**Summer parking permits must be purchased in person at the PATS business office.

Waitlist Information

Permit waitlists become available when permits sell out. You may add yourself to a waitlist through My Parking Account or with the help of a customer service representative at our business office. Once a permit becomes available for the waitlist you have signed up for you will receive an e-mail notification with instructions to purchase the available permit. You will have 5 business days to accept the permit offer, after this time the permit will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

Permit Refunds and Exchanges


  • Lost or stolen permits must be reported to PATS immediately
  • If you leave campus housing or are no longer a student at UNM before the end of the academic year, permits must be returned.
  • The deadline for returns on all student permits is March 31.
  • Refunds will be based on the next month's prorated sale price.
  • For more information about parking refunds, visit the parking permit returns page. 


  • When the permit that you desire is sold out, you may elect to sign up on a waitlist for the opportunity to purchase when space becomes available. If you purchase an alternative permit while you wait for the waitlisted permit to be released, your permit may be exchanged for a $10 exchange fee plus the permit cost difference.
  • Periodic lot counts are done to assess the utilization of the parking lot. When deemed possible, additional permits are offered to those on a waitlist.
  • To submit a waitlist request, login to your parking account and select the waitlist option. Once submitted you will be able to see (when logged onto our website) where you are on the waitlist.
  • Waitlist award recipients will receive an email from Parking Services when their name has been released from the waitlist along with instructions on how to purchase the permit. If you no longer want the permit you were awarded, disregard the email.
  • For students, waitlists are purged every March 31st in preparation for selling permits for the next permit season. If you missed the opportunity to purchase your desired lot the previous year, try to purchase on the first day of permit sales.

Rates and Restrictions

Depending on availability and restrictions, student permits may be purchased online with credit card or UNM Bursar's transfer, and in our office with credit card, Bursar's transfer or cash. Permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis and sellout quickly. Please be aware that many parking lots have waitlists. Some spaces become available after the start of the semester.


EligibilityLot/ZonePrice (Yearly)Price (Fall  Semester)Summer PermitsAvailable OnlineWaitlist Option
Residence Life & Casas del Rio ResidentsS$552/August - May$240$180/Summer*Yes. *Summer permits must be purchased in person.Yes


$360/August - May




Lobo Rainforest ResidentsINV
Greek ResidentsGRNoNo




$264/August - May



Law StudentsL
No RestrictionsJ

North Campus Students (50% or more classes on North Campus) 

North Campus Students (50% or more classes on North Campus), Waitlist only for Main Campus studentsQ









No RestrictionsELKS
No RestrictionsSouthNo
Eligibility (for both): Free permit is not available for student residents who already have a vehicle permitMotorcycle$84 or Free with a vehicle parking permit/year-









Moped/Scooter$42 or Free with a vehicle parking permit/year

To view a downloadable/printable PDF, click here.

*Summer parking permits must be purchased in person at the PATS business office.

Above is a list of rates and restrictions available for students to purchase. Your My Parking Account will offer the appropriate permit to purchase automatically. Permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and the most popular permits usually sell out within a few hours. South lot are available for students enrolled in programs located south of Lomas Blvd. Q permits are available for students enrolled in programs located north of Lomas Blvd

  • Permits usually go on sale the last week of July or the first week of August before the new academic year begins. 
  • Your My Parking Account website is always open for you to view your current permits, citations, vehicles, mailing address, and much more.

All customers parking at the University of New Mexico are expected to read and understand the University of New Mexico Parking Regulations.

The following is a list of permit availability based on educational program: All students will be offered South Lot, Yale Structure, T Lot, J Lot, P Lot, ELKS Lot, until the main campus allocation is sold out. Q Lot will be available to main campus students by waitlist only.

Due to limited availability, all permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Graduate Medical  will be offered G, and Q permits.

Important Notice for Undergraduate North Campus Students:
Due to recent growth/construction in the university area surrounding the G zone, undergraduate Medical program students will not initially be offered G permits. If the lot is at capacity, these students may request to be added to the G permit waitlist. Undergraduate Medical program students with more than 50% of their classes on North Campus, will be guaranteed parking in either Q or K (ELKS) Lot.

Important Notice for North Campus Student Employees:
Due to recent growth/construction in the university area surrounding the M zone, North Campus student employees will not be offered M permits. Permit waivers are required, but will only be granted in the G or Q lots if accepted. G and Q permits will be valid in the M zone after 3:45 PM.

Graduate level Speech and Hearing students will be offered T lot permits.

Greek resident students will be offered GR permits with written authorization from the Greek Life Coordinator.

Residents of Casas del Rio or Residence Life on-campus housing will be offered R zone, Lomas Structure (S zone), or INV permits on a first-come, first-served basis. These permits are only valid while the student is an on-campus resident and must be returned if students move out before the end of the permit term.  Any unauthorized use or transfer of this permit will subject the owner and user to the most severe financial penalties and referral to the Dean of Students for Code of Conduct review.

All customers parking at the University of New Mexico are expected to read and understand the University of New Mexico Parking Regulations.