Construction Changing the Entrance to the Cornell Parking Structure Starts 6/11

June 1, 2018 - PATS Admin

UNM Parking & Transportation Services (PATS) would like to inform the University community that access to the Cornell parking structure (Cornell structure) will be changed as a result of the Johnson Center Expansion and Renovation (JCER) construction project. Because of JCER, the entrance/exit to the Cornell structure will directly connect to Redondo (instead of the short road that runs parallel to Redondo from Johnson Field, along Johnson Center).

Temporary Cornell Parking Structure Entrance/Exit

On Monday, June 11th, the current entrance/exit to the Cornell structure will be temporarily modified while the new permanent egress connecting to Redondo is created. During construction of the driveway, vehicles will enter the Cornell structure through the “emergency” exit located in the fencing along the east/southeast corner of the structure (gate is usually closed). Flaggers will be on site during the day on weekdays to assist, and there will also be signage posted to indicate the temporary access point; see map for details.  

Construction of the new entrance is expected to take one week. The new permanent drive is expected to be open on Monday, June 18th. 

Visitor Booth Still Open

Throughout construction, the Visitor Booth will remain open. Once the new driveway is completed, the Visitor Booth will be moved to a new location near the new Cornell structure entrance.

Handicapped Parking

Please be aware that all handicapped parking spaces within the Cornell parking structure will remain open, however the two handicapped parking spaces located at the entrance to the Cornell structure will be permanently closed.

No Parking, Standing or Stopping Along Redondo Drive

To better ensure safety for all concerned, during construction there will be no parking, standing or stopping allowed along Redondo Drive between Stanford Blvd. and the Cornell Pedestrian Mall crosswalk (next to the UNM Bookstore and Popejoy Hall).

To ensure everyone’s safety, we encourage you to use caution when in the area and be mindful of the workers that are on-site. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Call UNM PATS at 505-277-1938 if you have any questions.