New Moped/Scooter Parking Stands

April 26, 2018 - PATS Admin

Moped-Scooter Parking stand at Zimmerman C LotUNM Parking & Transportation Services (PATS) announces the upcoming installation of seven new moped/scooter parking stands at key locations on the UNM Campus to allow moped/scooter users a more secure place to park their vehicle.

Last year, a revision was made to University Administrative Policy 2260 Sec. 4 to prohibit driving vehicles intended for roadway use - such as motorcycles and mopeds - on sidewalks or pedestrian pathways on campus. As a result of the policy update, mopeds and scooters can no longer be parked on sidewalks or be secured to bicycle racks. Moped and scooter owners were also encouraged to register with UNM PATS to be issued a moped/scooter parking permit. The moped/scooter permit allows the vehicle to be parked at designated motorcycle parking areas, some of which will now have designated moped/scooter stands.

“Based on input form moped and scooter owners, PATS purchased the moped/scooter parking stands so customers could properly secure their vehicles in designated parking areas,” said UNM PATS Associate Director Michelle Peeples. “Before these racks were installed, moped and scooter vehicle owners resorted to securing their vehicles to sign posts or light posts.”

The new moped/scooter parking stands are anchored to the ground, painted bright yellow and labeled “Moped/Scooter Only” in order make them easily identifiable to moped/scooter users.  

“We collected input from moped and scooter users as well as information from our enforcement officers in order to decide where parking stands were most needed.” said Peeples.

Moped/scooter parking stands will available at the following motorcycle permit parking zones (see map):

  • A zone- Student Health
  • B zone- Logan/Castetter and Bandelier
  • C zone- Zimmerman and West Roma
  • M zone- Family Practice
  • R zone- Information Technologies
Mopeds and scooters may be registered with PATS and receive a moped/scooter parking permit at no cost through the upcoming academic year (2018-2019). Afterward, the cost for an annual moped/scooter permit is $36 per year. To obtain your permit, bring a valid picture ID, UNM Net ID number, and vehicle registration information to the PATS main office.